Abstract: Disclosed is a method for performing handoff in a communication system of access points and a mobile station, where the mobile station is associated with a first access point. The first access point receives a first transmission at a first signal quality from the mobile station and receives a second transmission that indicates a second signal quality at which a second access point is receiving transmissions from the mobile station. The first access point compares the first signal quality with the second signal quality and when the second signal quality is greater than the first signal quality, the first access point signals the second access point to initiate a handoff with the mobile station. The second access point responds by sending a disassociation message to the mobile station to disassociate with the first access point, wherein the disassociation message is addressed as if it originated from the first access point.

Patent number: 7058030
Type: Grant
Filed: July 17, 2003
Date of Patent: June 6, 2006
Assignee: Motorola, Inc.
Inventors: Randy L. Ekl, George Popovich, Shmuel Silverman, Robert D. LoGalbo