Abstract: A method and system for wireless data transmission between at least three stations use multiple frequency bands for simultaneous channel communications. The method includes transmitting a Request To Send (RTS) packet from a first station to an intermediate second station over a first frequency band. Two Clear To Send (CTS) packets, which CTS packets include transmission timing information, are then transmitted from the second station simultaneously both to the first station and to a third station. The CTS packet sent to the first station is transmitted over the first frequency band and the CTS packet sent to the third station is transmitted over a second frequency band. A data packet from the first station is then transmitted to the second station. The third station suspends, based on the transmission timing information included in the CTS packets, any unicast transmission to the second station during the transmission of the data packet from the first station to the second station.

Publication number: 20060114941
Type: Application
Filed: November 30, 2004
Publication date: June 1, 2006
Inventors: Shmuel Silverman, Randy Ekl, Robert LoGalbo, Ron Rotstein