Abstract: A communication network (10) utilized for providing communications between a first party and a second party includes a surveillance server (26) within a core network (10) to provide communication surveillance capability. The core network (10) may be a packet data network, and the surveillance server (26) is operable responsive to trigger information to establish communications surveillance. Communication surveillance may be established by creating duplicate bearer packets of those data packets carrying the communicated data between the parties, creating duplicate control packets of those data packets carrying in-band or out-of-band call control information between the parties and within the packet data network, and/or various combinations thereof. The duplicate bearer packets and the duplicate control packets are routed to appropriate authorized law enforcement agencies for providing surveillance.

Patent number: 7006508
Type: Grant
Filed: April 5, 2001
Date of Patent: February 28, 2006
Assignee: Motorola, Inc.
Inventors: William M. Bondy, Wesley Stuart Jones, Shmuel Silverman, Bruce Martin Wiatrak, Raymond M. Liss, Timothy L. Moran, Howard Nodell, Robert Gerald Hug