Is Your Business Future-Proofed?

Multi-Innovation is a boutique intellectual assets and patent solutions firm. We are a group of inventors, system architects and market analysts working in concert with our clients to envision, design, engineer and patent future technologies that protect their current and future business and increase their value and multipliers.

Full Suite of Products and Services

Development of key IP to protect new technology

Determining overall Intellectual Asset Strategy

Strategic development of advanced technology IP to secure and enable future markets

Risk reduction for business strategies from competitive, industry and market forces

Alignment and integration of the intellectual asset strategy into the business strategy

Strategic IP Development enabling potential Barriers to Entry

Defining and executing strategically relevant areas of potential IP expansion

Defining and executing strategies to avoid or mitigate infringement

Continuously monitor technology advances and market changes which potentially impacts key business strategies

Providing support and insight for business, technical, legal, and marketing efforts

Defining relevant areas for IP commercialization

Value chain optimization: Which technologies we should encourage and which to phase out

Business model optimization

Solving key business issues and concerns

Business development options from existing IP assets

Cash valuation of existing intellectual asset portfolios